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 Copyright Guidelines & Angel Policy

Whipper Snapper stamps and images are the original artwork created by of for Whipper Snapper Designs, Inc. and subject to full copyright protection.  These images may be hand-stamped for personal use & non-commercial purposes.

Can WSD Images be hand-stamped for resale or other commercial purposes?
-  Our designs may be used on products for sale, as long as the images are entirely hand-stamped.
-  Items that are sold or gifted must be completely finished & immediately usable or giftable projects.
   (i.e. the purchaser or recipient would immediately be able to sign the card or use it as a gift for someone else  
   no other assembly would be required)
-  Images may NOT sold or gifted in “kit” format that end users would then assemble themselves
-  Credit must be given to Whipper Snapper Designs on the back of your projects.
-  If you are selling on-line, you must clearly state that the stamped images are copyright of
   Whipper Snapper Designs.
-  You may NOT just stamp an image on paper and sell that for others to use in a project.
-  You may NOT post a black & white line images on the internet or social media for others to print & use.
-  Images may NOT be mechanically, digitally, or electronically reproduced in any way.
-  Our images may NOT be used for the purpose of creating logos, company trademarks or promotional materials.
-  Quantities of each original work must be limited in scope and must NOT constitute an ongoing business.

Can images be mechanically reproduced for non-commercial, non-profit enjoyment such as color copying, scanning or scrapbooking?
-  No.  Our stamp images may not be mechanically or electronically copied for any reason.

Can WSD images be used in image swaps?
-  You may NOT host swaps online or through the mail of stamped images. 

Copyright © 2000 - 2019 Whipper Snapper Designs, Inc.
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